About us


Created by a devoted perfume connoisseur Nasir bin nassar Alshimmari, NARA Perfumery is more than just a brand,it's a reinvention of fragrance as we know it.

My love for purchasing and amassing a collection of various perfumes culminated since a young age, when I resolved to establish my own line of fragrances. My journey took me to the City of Grasse in France.

Renowned as the world's perfume capital, where I had the chance to interact with the proprietors of essential oils manufacturing entities. Here, I embarked on the production of my perfume oils, executing an exhaustive process of testing and then producing my own perfume line.

Merging from a lifelong passion for the collection and study of perfumes, our company serves as a platform where creativity, memory, and raw emotion blend together into unique olfactory experiences.

About NARA

The inspiration behind my brand name is the city of NARA in Japan, a place I sincerely love. With an aim to cement this venture as an Emirati brand, I decided to have the packaging operation carried out in the UAE.

My desire is to fuse the aesthetics of both the French and Japanese cultures in my brand with an Emarati twist, NARA, a testament to my adoration for the three countries.

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